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Business Attraction

Силуэт военного с украинским флагом на рукаве на заставке ЛазерТир

«Laser Shooting Range» Business Attraction

In this format, the attraction is typically stationary and located in places where people gather for leisure. Players pay for each game session, the duration of which is set by the Laser Shooting Range owner. This attraction can either be without prizes or offer prizes to increase guests’ motivation for repeat plays.

The most popular locations for this business attraction are shopping malls, parks, and promenades, but essentially it can be set up anywhere people gather for entertainment.

The Business Attraction Process

  1. The player selects their preferred laser weapon and game.
  2. Pays for the game session. (The number of shots is unlimited, which, in the client’s eyes, advantageously distinguishes the Laser Shooting Range from alternatives that use pellets).
  3. The laser range operator starts the game.
  4. The game automatically blocks at the end of the allotted time.
Перед двумя большими экранами люди стоят в очереди к бизнес аттракциону лазерный тир

What is the minimum required to open a
«Laser Shooting Range» business attraction?

Initially, it may seem that launching the attraction is complicated and requires many additional components.

In the video, you can clearly see that to start a laser shooting range in a shopping mall, practically nothing additional is needed.

It is enough to buy the “Laser shooting gallery”, find a free place, electricity and white walls.

This is the minimum necessary to start your own business.

How to start a business with the entertainment
attraction «Laser Shooting Range»?


Find a location for installation

The first step is to search for and select a suitable location for your “Laser Shooting Range”. This could be a shopping mall, a recreation park, a promenade, or any other place where your target audience gathers. When choosing a location, pay attention to the potential flow of leisure visitors, as well as convenient access to the attraction for visitors.


Buy the laser shooting range

The next stage is to select the appropriate Laser Shooting Range kit. Base your choice on the interests of your target audience and budget. For example, if the attraction is located in a children’s recreation area, you will primarily need lightweight laser weapons.



* if necessary

Use a canopy/pavilion/tent

The Laser Shooting Range is sensitive to sunlight and weather conditions. Therefore, if the laser range is located indoors and the screen area is not exposed to direct sunlight, in most cases, you can operate without additional canopies. However, if direct sunlight hits the screen, you will need to use a canopy or sun shield. If the attraction is set up outdoors, a good solution might be to use a tent, canopy, or pavilion.

How to Increase the Profit of the Attraction?

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Набор для бизнес-плана: ручка, блокнот, очки

Business Plan

Example Calculation of the Profitability of the «Laser Shooting Range»​ Attraction for a Stationary Installation on a Promenade...

Рука пальцем указывает на пять звёзд


Economical to use and completely safe for the shooter, shooting range operator, instructor and bystanders.

Since no ammunition or targets are used.

Аттракцион Выездной Лазерный Тир в фургоне. Люди смотрят на экран с мишенями

Mobile Attraction

A mobile attraction that participates in city-wide mass celebrations.

Payment is made for each game session, as in the stationary version.