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laser shooting ranges from the manufacturer

Силуэт военного с украинским флагом на рукаве на заставке ЛазерТир

What is a «Laser Shooting Range»?

Initially, «LazerTir» – was developed for the military as equipment for quickly developing aimed shooting and instinctive shooting skills. Later, this technology began to be used by athletes involved in practical IPSC shooting and biathlon. After some time, entrepreneurs took notice of interactive shooting ranges, and now on popular embankments, in parks, shopping malls, and game rooms, you can find the «Laser Shooting Rang» business attraction for the entertainment of visitors.

«LazerTir» is also referred to as «Interactive Shooting Range», «Laser Shooting Gallery», «Multimedia Shooting Range», «Electronic Shooting Rang». Usually, all of these names refer to the same thing.

What does a «Laser Shooting Range» consist of?

A «Laser Shooting Range»
is a complex consisting of specialized software, training and gaming scenarios, weapons with integrated laser emitters, a computer, a projector, a screen, an audio system, and a camera that records hits.

Принцип действия лазерного тира. Солдат целится в экран. Оператор сидит перед компьютером

Advantages of a «LaserTir»

First and foremost, it provides safety for the shooter, range operator, instructor, and those around them. Since the equipment does not involve the use of any ammunition (including plastic or lead pellets), even a direct hit on a person or interior objects does not cause any damage. Therefore, a «Laser Shooting Range» can be utilized practically in any room, whether it is a shopping and entertainment center, an office, or an apartment.


If the shooter accidentally or intentionally fires at themselves or others, there will be no casualties.


There is no need to constantly purchase ammunition, targets, and other consumables.


During training, the shooter can fire thousands of shots and perform numerous exercises, honing their shooting skills.



Laser Shooting Range Programs

The programs differ depending on the intended purpose of the laser shooting range, but in all cases, a control program is used that coordinates the operation of the training and entertainment programs with the camera, projector, and laser weapons.


«Training Programs» are used for teaching aimed shooting. Typically, these are programs for the military, athletes, security guards, and bodyguards.

Such programs project targets of actual sizes (i.e., how the shooter would see them at the same distance in real life), taking into account the ballistic characteristics of the weapon, wind speed and direction, and target movement.

Training programs come in the form of a «classic» shooting range, different practical shooting tournament scenarios, as well as «anti-terrorist» storylines.


«Entertainment Games» are game scenarios for laser shooting ranges used in business attractions and home ranges.

The games vary greatly – from target shooting, similar to «military variants», to shooting at various dynamic targets – clay pigeons,, «ghosts», cowboys, different types of entertaining hunting.

Weapons for Laser Shooting Ranges

Laser Modules

Attachable laser modules that can be mounted on airsoft guns.

This is the most inexpensive option and allows the use of a wide range of airsoft gun models with recoil simulation.
Airsoft guns with laser modules can be used either as full-weight for adults or lightweight for children.


These are laser guns that are similar in weight and size to their live-firing counterparts, allowing shooters to get accustomed to the realistic feel of a pistol or rifle during training.

Options are available with and without recoil simulation.


These are laser guns designed to be lightweight so they can be used for extended periods without fatigue.

Popular in entertainment business attractions, where it’s important for patrons to be able to shoot for long durations.

Indispensable for children and women.

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Laser Shooting Range Trainer

Laser shooting ranges for safe and cost-effective training of military personnel, police, security guards, athletes, and for military training lessons in educational institutions.

Перед двумя большими экранами люди стоят в очереди к бизнес аттракциону лазерный тир

Laser Shooting Range Business

Fully safe entertainment attractions for outdoor events, stationary installation in shopping malls and parks, as well as cafes and movie theaters.