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Example Business Plan

Силуэт военного с украинским флагом на рукаве на заставке ЛазерТир

Example of calculating the profit of the Laser Shooting Range Attraction at a resort

You can make a calculation based on the data relevant to your location, indicating your cost per session, operating hours and attendance of the attraction.

Throughput capacity of the laser shooting range

Let’s first calculate the theoretical maximum capacity of the laser shooting gallery with a constant flow of players.

We will calculate in «game sessions» because the cost of one game session largely depends on the specific resort, shopping mall, and periodically changes. At some attractions they charge 100 hryvnias per session, at others – 40 hryvnias.

Аттракцион призовой лазерный тир. Люди ждут в очереди.

Data for calculations

  • Vacationers pay for each game session.
  • Session duration: 1 minute. (In LaserTir you will be able to set any duration at your discretion).
  • Time for player changeover: 1 minute. (In fact, it’s usually less, as the next player pays during the previous player’s game. The process is also accelerated if payment is made without change, or the player decides to continue playing. But there may also be delays).
  • The «Laser Shooting Cube» attraction format allows 8 shooters to play simultaneously.

We get the throughput capacity of the «Laser Shooting Cube» attraction

Assuming constant maximum capacity utilization of the attraction:

240 sessions per 1 hour

5`760 sessions per 1 day

Taking into account real factors

In reality, however, the attendance on the embankment is lower during the day and higher towards the evening (the same situation applies when the attraction is installed in a shopping mall).

Thus, you can roughly estimate the number of sessions played per day, month, season. (Since you know your resort better, substitute your own values for a more accurate calculation).

Calculation for the «Laser Shooting Cube» business attraction

operating hours from 10 am to 11 pm, up to 8 people can play simultaneously

In the first 6 hours, the load is usually not high. Approximately 4-10 sessions per hour.

Closer to the evening (remaining 7 working hours), people massively go out to relax on the embankment, we expect 20-50 sessions per hour.
That is, during the day –  from 164 sessions on a “bad day” (46 + 207), to 410 on a “good one” (106 + 507).

Accordingly, in the season (100 days), we expect from 16’400 to 41’000 sessions.

It is necessary to take into account possible «bad weather».

It varies from year to year, and depending on the location.

We assume that during the season, every fifth day there is a downpour from morning till evening (20% of the entire season), and there is not a single person on the embankment. In total:

Taking into account bad weather, 13’120 to 32’800 game sessions are expected.

Attraction Expenses

Laser shooting ranges do not use pellets, targets and other consumables. But the expenditure part of the attraction’s business plan should take into account taxes, rent, electricity, prize fund and the operator’s salary. Calculate your real data, as they are quite individual for each region.


What to do with the attraction after the end of the season:

  • Sell the laser shooting range, returning the invested funds. Buy a new one in spring.
  • Store it until next summer.
  • Move it to a shopping and entertainment center or cafe.
  • Switch to outdoor events, corporate parties, birthdays, weddings.

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