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Entertainment at Parties

Силуэт военного с украинским флагом на рукаве на заставке ЛазерТир

«Mobile Laser Shooting Range»:
A Fun Activity for Event Organization

Have you considered how to start a profitable business that has no expenses during downtime? One where you don’t need to rent premises or install a stationary attraction? One where you don’t have to pay an operator when there are no clients? One where event organizers pay you for attending their parties?

This is exactly what the “Mobile Laser Shooting Range” business is about.

Organizing Parties with a Laser Shooting Range

As entertainment events approach and corporate parties, birthday parties, weddings, etc. need to be organized, the organizer or event agency responsible for entertaining guests always strives to surprise attendees and make the party unforgettable. Their task is to find and invite animators, clowns and all kinds of entertainment attractions to the organized event. At the same time, all customers want to impress and surprise their guests as much as possible. They want the event to stand out among similar parties and be long remembered.

Visit the website of an event agency in your city and look at the typical list of entertainment offerings for organizing a party. In most cases, it’s a standard set that’s hard to surprise guests with anymore. Therefore, when preparing for a corporate party, birthday, or wedding, the organizer often looks for a new idea to diversify the party and make it interesting and memorable for the guests.

Мужчины держат в руках игровые пистолеты в бизнесе выездной лазерный тир

The Mobile Laser Shooting Range is just the right kind of attraction where every player can feel like a real action movie hero.

It’s an attraction that hasn’t become stale for vacationers yet. It’s interesting for everyone: children and adults, men and women. There’s a suitable game for each person. Some enthusiastically hunt cartoon animals, while others find an opportunity for exciting competitions and tournaments. The Laser Shooting Range at a party is a great way to unite people of different ages and interests.

The Mobile Laser Shooting Range is exactly the kind of entertainment that becomes the highlight of the festive event, something guests want to photograph, video, and post on social media regardless of age and interests.

4 Steps to Start the Business

To successfully start the “Mobile Laser Shooting Range” business, you need to:

  1. Purchase suitable equipment.
  2. Call or visit existing event agencies in the city. Tell them about the new opportunity to entertain guests at parties. Discuss the cost of your visit.
  3. Create and maintain a website describing the attraction and social media pages.
  4. When party organizers inquire, accept the agreed payment and participate in the organized event.

Payment is made for the entire duration of the event. So you don’t need to charge for each game and worry that they’ll play less today than yesterday. Accordingly, the games for party guests are free.

The only current expenses are standard taxes and delivering the attraction to the event venue, unless additional delivery fees are negotiated with the client.

You Don't Need

When you decide to start the “Mobile Laser Shooting Range” business, you don’t need:

  • Don’t need to rent an office or premises for a stationary attraction installation (finding a venue is the responsibility of the party organizer or event agency).

  • Don’t need to worry that fewer people are playing today than yesterday, or that bad weather will mean no visitors. If you’re invited to a corporate event, you get paid upfront for the whole day, regardless of the number of players.

  • Don’t need to pay for an operator’s services on days when there’s no event. You only pay for the days worked. If you’re interested in constantly being in a festive atmosphere, you can operate the attraction yourself without hiring an operator.

  • On days when there are no parties, you don’t incur additional expenses.

The Laser Shooting Range is Yours, but Everyone Wins!

Everyone wins: the Laser Shooting Range owner, the organizer, and the guests:

  • You, as the attraction owner, got paid for participating in the “turnkey” event. Your business profit doesn’t depend on the number of guests, and you have no expenses for finding and renting premises, etc. The vacationers themselves advertise your attraction and the event agency’s services by posting photos/videos with weapons at the laser shooting range on their social media.

  • The organizer and event agency found a modern, interesting, fun, and unusual idea for the party to entertain and surprise guests. The guests are happy, the client is happy – the agency’s reputation grows.

  • The vacationers got an unusual entertainment at a fun party, birthday, or corporate event without additional hassle and expense. They created unique content with weapons for their social media.

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