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Training and Entertainment Center

Силуэт военного с украинским флагом на рукаве на заставке ЛазерТир

Shooting Complex «Laser Range»

This is a unique training and entertainment complex where two worlds come together: the world of sports and training for athletes, hunters, and military personnel, and the world of active recreation, excitement, vibrant experiences, and fun for groups of friends and families.

This complex consists of several laser shooting ranges and can function on the principle of a bowling alley or billiard hall with hourly payment, independent of the number of shots fired or games played.

Near each laser shooting range area, there can be a relaxation zone with tables, chairs, and sofas for comfortable leisure time.

The presence of a bar and kitchen will attract additional visitors and increase profitability.

Cтрелковый комплекс с несколькими экранами лазерного тира. Люди тренируются и отдыхают сидя за столиками


  • Shooting training: Laser ranges are perfect for both novice athletes who do not have a firearms license and professional shooters and military personnel who want to maintain and improve their skills. This complex allows for training in a safe and controlled environment.

  • Children’s training: An ideal place to immerse children in the world of shooting, to introduce them to firearms and shooting sports in absolute safety.

  • Competitions and tournaments: The complex can host regular private and city shooting tournaments.

  • Regular training for schoolchildren, security guards, and police.



  • Exciting entertainment: At the shooting complex, guests of all ages can play various games, accurately shooting at ducks, wild boars, or clearing buildings of terrorists.

  • Family time: The complex is the perfect place for joint recreation, for both fathers and sons, and families who want to spend quality time together. Parents and children can have fun and compete.

  • Social gatherings: It is also an excellent place for meeting with friends. Here, you can not only have fun shooting but also hold a meeting, corporate event, or birthday party..

The “Laser Range” Shooting Сomplex is a safe and exciting place for active leisure. Regardless of age and experience, visitors will have an unforgettable experience.

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Человек в маске и человек с руками вверх на экране лазерного тира в кинотеатре

«Laser Cinema-Shooting Range»

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Рука пальцем указывает на пять звёзд


Economical to use and completely safe for the shooter, shooting range operator, instructor and bystanders.

Since no ammunition or targets are used.

Мужчина держит игровое ружьё на фоне отдыхающих людей в ресторане с лазерным тиром

Themed Bar «Laser Shooting Range»

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