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The Business for Cinemas

Силуэт военного с украинским флагом на рукаве на заставке ЛазерТир

Laser Cinema-Shooting Range

A Business Not for Small (Screens)!

The Laser Cinema-Shooting Range is an innovative entertainment experience in cinemas that will transform ordinary movie watching into an unforgettable experience for your audience.

With this attraction, visitors will be able to enjoy themselves in the cinema not only by watching action movies but also by personally taking up arms and shooting at terrorists or targets while playing multimedia games in the cinema with a laser shooting range. This entertainment brings new sensations and adds interactivity to the cinematic experience.


Человек в маске и человек с руками вверх на экране лазерного тира в кинотеатре


  • Large cinematic screen: The projection screen of your cinemas becomes a platform for exciting game plots.

  • Gaming laser weapons: Visitors can shoot from special laser weapons, creating a sense of complete immersion in the game world.

  • Variety of game scenarios: You can choose from various game scenarios to satisfy the personal preferences of the audience.

  • Competitive element: You will be able to organize competitions and rankings for visitors to stimulate a competitive spirit.

  • Family entertainment: The laser shooting range is suitable for visitors of all ages, making it a great attraction for the cinema.


  • Attracting new visitors: A unique interactive entertainment will help attract more visitors to the cinema.

  • Additional income: You can charge an additional fee for games in the laser shooting range, increasing the cinema’s revenue..

  • Strengthening the brand: Your cinema will be associated with innovation and a variety of interactive entertainment in the cinema.

The “Laser Shooting Range in the Cinema” attraction makes it possible to turn your cinema into not just a place for watching movies but also a center for gaming entertainment. This will not only attract visitors’ attention but also distinguish your cinema from competitors, thereby increasing its recognition.

What will be needed for this:

To organize the “Laser Cinema-Shooting Range” in an existing cinema, almost everything is already available – a large screen, a projector, a computer.

You only need to add software with a camera and laser weapons or laser modules!

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Economical to use and completely safe for the shooter, shooting range operator, instructor and bystanders.

Since no ammunition or targets are used.

Cтрелковый комплекс с несколькими экранами лазерного тира. Люди тренируются и отдыхают сидя за столиками

Shooting Complex «Laser Range»

A modern interactive complex. Athletes can train there, and holidaymakers can have fun. Organized on the principle of bowling or billiards.
Visitors pay for time.

Перед двумя большими экранами люди стоят в очереди к бизнес аттракциону лазерный тир

«Laser Shooting Range» Attraction

A classic entertainment business attraction that is installed in malls, parks, and on embankments.

Vacationers pay for each game session.